Avoid The Scammers

Asking The Right Questions

Unfortunately scams are very common when it comes to pet sales, but with due diligence, you can have a successful kitten buying process. When purchasing a kitten please always research the breeder and look at the reviews.

fraudulent websites

Referring to Ragdolls as puppies or birds has been seen in a few fraudulent websites we have stumbled across. Ask about the breeders health guarantees, and try to ask as many specific questions about what is covered as possible since many of the fraudsters won’t know what to say. They either won’t respond, or will be very generic.

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Seal Mitted

long term guarantee

Things to ask for are HCM/ PKD1 coverage with the long term guarantee. We are doing our part to keep our pictures out of the hands of scammers, so we won’t be sending very specific pictures (think pictures with peoples names or specific kitten positions) since the scammers ask us for these pictures to pass them along to people they are trying to scam. This gives them a false sense of legitimacy and we don’t want them doing this with our photos.


We have reviews on our Facebook page, and we can also do a video chat after an application is submitted so you can see the kittens yourself and we can talk with you. We aim for our kittens to only go to the BEST homes, so that’s why we have the kitten application form process and we like to know who we are talking to and sharing our kittens with. This is another way we can weed out scammers that try to get our information since they are usually very reluctant to fill this out or sometimes will try to but enter nonsense data since they don’t understand the questions.

Ragdoll Kitten for sale
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possibly great home

We reserve the right to not send pictures/ setup a video call or sell our kittens to anyone who seems like they might not have their best interests at heart. We want our kittens with loving families who will give them everything they deserve. Every once in a while we have to turn down a possibly great home due to too many red flags, but we try to err on the side of caution for the sake of our kitties.

Seal Bicolor Ragdoll Kitten

How Can Potential Buyers Verify A Breeder?

There is one key ingredient that fraudsters place upon victims, a sense of urgency. They will want you to make a payment deposit immediately with no actual proof that the animal you intend to purchase exists.

reputable breeder

Remember, any reputable breeder will want to ensure that the animal that they have helped bring into this world is going to a good home! All kittens are registered with TICA (beware of kittens being advertised as purebred but being sold without papers, it barely costs anything to get the papers, and it is the only way of knowing your kitten is a purebred Ragdoll.).

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