Health Guarantee

First 3-day Guarantee:

The kitten is guaranteed to be in good physical health, parasite free and up to date on vaccinations on the date the kitten was received by the buyer. Buyer has 72 hours to have the kitten examined by a licensed veterinarian.  Failure to do so voids the health guarantee. Until the kitten has been examined by a veterinarian and confirmed healthy, he or she needs to be kept away from all other animals.   If any serious congenital defect is found by the veterinarian during the initial exam performed within 72 hours, then the buyer must report this to the seller immediately. In the rare case that something serious is found by the veterinarian within the 72-hour period then the seller is responsible for replacing the kitten with another kitten of equal or greater value as soon as possible. We do not cover any heart murmur that are low grade, but the buyer must notify us within 72 hours of any grade 3 or above murmurs.  

Long term guarantee:

  If a replacement kitten is not available within 1 year, then the seller agrees to reimburse the buyer the sale price of the kitten. Kitten is guaranteed to be free of fatal or serious congenital defects for 2 years from its date of birth. If the kitten is found to have any serious fatal congenital defect within the 2-year period then the seller agrees to replace the kitten within 1 year. Seller has the right to request a second opinion from another licensed veterinarian at the buyer’s expense.  If a kitten dies suddenly, then a necropsy report performed by a licensed veterinarian must show that the cause of death was related to a congenital condition. Buyer is responsible for all fees relating to obtaining a necropsy report.  If a congenital defect was found to be the cause of death, then the seller agrees to replace the kitten within a period of 1 year. If there is not a kitten available within 1 year then the seller agrees to reimburse the buyer the sale price of the kitten.    

Veterinary fee Reimbursement:

  Upon leaving our home, the new owner takes responsibility for all veterinary expenses. All vet expenses are paid by the buyer only even if the kitten dies from a covered genetic issue.  

Other Pets Policy:

“The seller is not responsible for any injury or illness to other pets caused by exposure to it.” If you have other pets, I suggest slowly introducing your new kitten to them. Keep a watchful eye to make sure they don’t harm each other. We will not offer a replacement kitten in the event that another pet in the home injures the new kitten. We also will not offer a refund should the kitten you are buying need to be rehomed due to other animals in the home.  

Indoor Only Requirement:

  These are strictly indoor cats only. DO NOT ever expose the kitten to unknown outdoor cats/animals. Exposure to outdoor animals and allowing your ragdoll outside will void this warranty. Allowing your kitten outdoors where it may be exposed to diseases, fleas, ticks and parasites, voids the health guarantee.    

Spay/Neuter Agreement:

All kittens will leave either spayed/ neutered.

Allergies :

We do not cover for any allergies not reported within three days, and if a kitten is returned within three days for allergies, the reservation fee is withheld.

Declaw Policy:

Buyer agrees to NEVER declaw this kitten. Declawing is the surgical removal of not only the nail but the removal of the first joint of each toe. Declawing provides no health benefit to the kitten or cat. Declawing the kitten will result in a fine equal to the purchase price of the kitten.  DO NOT declaw you cat/kitten. If you do, all health guarantees outlined above will be voided.

Vaccination and First Appointment:

The kitten must receive all shots as dictated by a standard vaccination schedule and their veterinarian. We will not pay for any vet fees for their initial checkup, or if treatment is started within this three-day period without consulting us first. Likewise, we will not pay any veterinarian fees for anything that comes up after the three days guarantee whether it is genetic or viral. If three days have passed since the kitten has gone home and there have not been any issues reported at this time you are agreeing you have accepted the kitten in good health. The kitten should not be administered the rabies vaccine at the same time as any other vaccines. Kittens are at increased risk for adverse reactions or death if the rabies vaccine is given at the same time as other vaccines.  If the rabies vaccine is given at the same time as other vaccines and the kitten dies within 10 days of said vaccines then the health guarantee is void. Scenarios that void all guarantees, genetic and viral would be as follows:
  • Other cats in the home that are allowed outside in the last year outside at all aside from vet visits
  • Kitten bought from EastCoastDolls being allowed outside at all aside from vet visits
  • Not following a routine vaccination schedule including all kitten shots, rabies yearly, and boosters. This includes any shots we identify as you needing to give after kittens go home since vaccination is an ongoing process and all mandated by your vet
  • Being unable to provide documentation of genetic conditions you are asking to be covered
  • Being unable to provide documentation verifying shots have been kept up to date and the kitten has seen a vet regularly and in a timely fashion. Any possible issues should be addressed by a vet within twenty-four hours including potential viral illnesses and genetic issues. We want our kittens to be healthy and well cared for and seeing a vet if something is wrong is part of that.
  • Vaccination for FELV can cause cancer in felines and we would highly recommend against it in your ragdoll. We expect you to not expose your kittens to the outdoor environment which is where FELV is picked up from. Also, we advise great care when exposing cats to things you use regularly outside such as shoes. All of our adult cats are tested negative for FELV and any vaccination against it will void the warranty due to the potential issues the vaccine can cause.
  • Not notifying us of anything viral within three days of them leaving our premise
  • Not notifying us of anything Genetic within two years of leaving our premise or having a previous kitten replacement provided to you for a different reason, we only offer one replacement kitten per family