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All East Coast Ragdolls Adults includes:
Current Vaccine Records
Rabies Vaccine Record
Spay/Neuter Record
TICA  Registration Papers

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Thank you for your interest in our retired adults! At this time we are not doing anymore interviews for either.

our retirees

On this page, you will find our retirees. They are no longer part of our breeding program, but we have moved their complete sections here in memory of what they have given to EastCoastDolls.

Magnum Mirage


Color / Pattern : Blue Point Bicolor

21-22 Mid Atlantic Region’s Third Best Ragdoll Kitten

Dam: UA*Tortilla Gold Shine Cats of EastCoastDolls
Sire:PL*Dandi Lazur Eyes of EastCoastDolls

Genetic Test Results
Health : 50/50 Full Clear
Blood Type : A/A Traits: BBdd

Carrying Dilution (2 Copies)

🏆 Show Titles in Kitten Class 🏆


EastCoastDolls Magnum Mirage

Eria Pro Nelly

In April of 2022, we decided to spay Nelly. We are thankful for the time she shared with us. We are thrilled to place her in a home where she can have undivided attention. Nelly is now spending her days as a family pet cat for a wonderful family in Virginia.
Dam: Eria Pro Zlata
Sire: Eria Pro Walentino for Constantina Cats
DOB: 05/27/2021
Color / Pattern : Blue Lynx Point Bicolor
Gender : Female
Status : Spayed

EastCoastDolls Frida Kahlo

Dam: EastCoastDolls Lillian Wonderous
Sire: Dandi Lazur Eyes*PL
DOB: 6/6/2021
Color / Pattern : Blue Point Bicolor
Gender : Female
Status : Spayed
🏆 Show Titles in Kitten Class 🏆
1st in color
1st in division
Best of breed
Best Ragdoll Kitten
6th Best Longhair Kitten
Eastcoastdolls Frida Kahlo

Curious Explorer

Not Available – Sold

Dam: Aragdolltolove Delilah
Sire: Ridgeviewdolls Bobbo Of Aphroditian
DOB: 8/15/2018
Color / Pattern : Seal Mitted
Gender : Female
Status : Spayed

Dandi Lazur Eyes

Not Available – Sold
Dam: Amelia Lazur Eyes
Sire: CH Gregorius-Cat Czester
DOB: 8/15/2019
Color / Pattern : Blue Point Bicolor
Gender : Male
Status : Neutered